PRTV and Chill!

PRTV is your one-stop-shop for all of Pure Romance’s original shows. Our shows keep you updated, recognize Consultants, introduce you to the business and welcome you to the family, help you achieve financial success and work smarter, and teach you how to keep your parties rockin’! Check out the list below to learn more about every show we offer.

Live Love Win

This show is hosted by President & CEO Chris Cicchinelli. It showcases our Consultants who are excelling, has the latest corporate updates, breaking business news, and monster prizes. You’ll hear secrets from top Consultants across the globe on how to rock your business. We also take this show on the road to markets around the country so you can be a part of the live audience. This is a must-see!


A documentary-style look into the business and family lives of some of our top Consultants. Each show focuses on one of our Pure Romance superstars. They’ll show you how they run their business, organize their calendars, motivate their team, and you’ll even get to meet their family and see what a “day in the life” is like in their part of the world.

New Consultant Corner

At Pure Romance, you’ll never be alone! Every week, we broadcast a special introduction and onboarding session for new Consultants. Hosted and produced by Senior Vice President of Sales and Training Cheryl Force and her team, this show is our way of giving you a warm welcome into the bond that is our sisterhood. We’ll point you in the right direction and help you locate resources that will be key to your success.

Smart Money

Part of what sets Pure Romance apart is our dedication to helping you achieve financial success. Every week, we’re broadcasting live with tips from our in-house financial experts on how to work your way towards achieving your goals of financial freedom!

Tech Talk

Pure Romance offers endless resources to help you work smarter, not harder. Vice President of Communications Heather Snell explains the ins-and-outs of all things technical, from Pure Sale and the Media Center to Print Center and everything the COO has to offer.

It’s All About The Party

The goal of this show is to fine-tune every element of your party, from party planning to upgrading in the shopping room, we cover it all! Host Senior Vice President of Sales & Training Cheryl Force dives deep into specific parts of the party to set you on the path to success. Plus, hear from some of our company’s biggest partiers and top leadership that are going out and having thousand dollar parties every day!

Product Launch

There’s nothing like a Pure Romance product launch! We love providing our Consultants with the hottest new relationship enhancement and intimacy products to keep your customers coming back for more. Our live-streaming product launches are your chance to be one of the first to see our exciting new products! Stay tuned to see what products you and your customers will love next! 

Booking Blitz

Get ready to book, sell, share, and repeat like never before! Held twice a year, a Pure Romance Booking Blitz is your time to shine! You’ll find the motivation to take your business and your team to the next level – and you’ll be rewarded with fabulous prizes and team prestige. Join us for daily live-streaming shows designed to keep you excited and ready to party! Stay tuned – we’ll release the livestream schedule closer to the dates of each Booking Blitz.